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Gero Crucifix, circa 970

This monumental wooden crucifix was donated by Archbishop Gero (d.976). It originally stood at the centre of the old cathedral at the archbishop’s grave. In the new cathedral, it was hung over the altar in the Chapel of St Stephen sometime around 1270 before being moved to its current position on the eastern wall of the Chapel of the Cross around 1350. The Gero Crucifix and the Milan Madonna in the Lady Chapel were the two major Gnadenbilder (representations said to have miraculous powers) in the Gothic cathedral. The corpus and the beams of the cross are original; the radiant sun behind the cross and the marble altar it decorates, both of which were donated by Canon Heinrich Mering, were added in 1683. The Gero Crucifix is the first monumental sculpture of the crucified Christ still in existence.

Dr. Rolf Lauer, Kunsthistoriker

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