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Mary Screen, c. 1332-1349

Photo: © Dombauhütte Köln, Matz und Schenk

The easternmost choir stall screen on the south side shows seven scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary, who together with St Peter is the patron of the cathedral. The cycle begins with the annunciation of the birth of Mary to St Joachim (left). This is followed by the portrayal of the Birth of Mary, the Annunciation, the Birth of Christ, and the Presentation of the Christ Child in the Temple, the Death of the Virgin, and the Coronation of Mary. The scenes were obviously chosen to reflect the great Marian feast-days. The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, on which the foundation stone for the construction of the Gothic cathedral was laid in 1248, is represented by the two images of the death and coronation.

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