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Portals of the west façade

Photo: © Dombauarchiv Köln, A. Wolff

Despite their large size, the three portals are dwarfed by the incredible expanse of the west façade. As is the case with the other façades, the two outer portals have one door and the centre portal two. This means that the cathedral has a total of 12 doors, undoubtedly a reference to the Heavenly Jerusalem (Rev. 21: 12). The centre portal (main portal) is 9.3 metres wide and, including its gable, more than 28 metres high. The theme of the centre portal is the age before redemption. To the left is the Magi portal, which illustrates the Appearance of the Son of God to the peoples of the world; to the right is the St Peter portal, which highlights the spreading of Christ’s teachings by his chosen apostles. All three portals celebrate the lives of the cathedral’s most important saints. The trumeau figure in the main portal is Mary, the link between the Old and New Testaments. She is flanked by Peter, the saint to whom the cathedral is dedicated, and the Magi, whose precious relics are venerated in the cathedral.

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