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Pulpit, 1544

Photo: © Dombauhütte Köln, Matz und Schenk

The renaissance oak pulpit originally stood next to the second last eastern pier in the southern part of the nave, and is considered to be the oldest pulpit in Cologne. It was erected in the cathedral in 1544 and was most probably introduced as part of Archbishop Hermann of Wied’s efforts to reform the Archdiocese. The body of the pulpit, which stands on columns, protrudes in the direction of the congregation and has three intricately carved panels at the front. The centre panel features the coat of arms of the Metropolitan Chapter and the side panels the apostles St Peter and St Paul. The soundboard canopy (abat-voix), the interior of which is decorated with a grid-like pattern, is supported on baluster-like columns rising up from the body of the pulpit.

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