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Standard NC West, 'Judensau' (Pig of the Jews)

Photo: © Dombauhütte Köln, Matz und Schenk

The two quatrefoils of these stringers show an undisguised testimony of medieval anti-Semitism in Cologne, even though the Jews fell under the protection of the Archbishop. To the left a Jew holds up a pig by the front leg. A second Jew feeds it while a third kneels down in order to drink from its teats. In the right quatrefoil a pig with three piglets is knocked out of a trough. From the right a Jew leads a boy who is distinguished by a nimbus with a cross. Along with the defamation of Jews by the handling of the unclean pig (according to Jewish understanding), this representation raises the accusation of ritual murder of Christian children. (MS)

Kulturstiftung Kölner Dom Das Generationenprojekt 11.000 Sterne für den Kölner Dom ZENTRAL-DOMBAU-VEREIN ZU KÖLN VON 1842 DOMKLOSTER 4