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The St John the Baptist window, 1847

Köln, Dom, Johannesfenster (s XXI), Gesamtansicht
Köln, Dom, Johannesfenster (s XXI), Gesamtansicht

This window is the first of the so-called ‘Bavarian windows’ which, from West to East, relate the main events in the history of Redemption. The main scene shows John the Baptist preaching in the desert. The two scenes above illustrate the history of his birth. Local saints and patron saints of Cologne are depicted in the upper medallions and Christian rulers in the lower medallions.

The Bavarian coat of arms and the donation inscription of King Ludwig I (1847) can be seen at the very bottom of the window. The window was installed in 1848 in time for the celebrations marking the sixth centenary of the start of building work on the cathedral.

Dr. Ulrike Brinkmann, Kunsthistorikerin

Kulturstiftung Kölner Dom Das Generationenprojekt 11.000 Sterne für den Kölner Dom ZENTRAL-DOMBAU-VEREIN ZU KÖLN VON 1842 DOMKLOSTER 4