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The west portal window

Köln, Dom, Westen, Obergaden, Mildefenster
Köln, Dom, Westen, Obergaden, Mildefenster

The large window in the west façade was donated by the Prussian Crown Prince Frederick and his wife, Victoria. Not only did they determine the programme for the window, they also chose the artist who made the window, Carl Julius Milde of Lübeck. Milde designed 18 scenes depicting events from the Old and New Testaments. These events were chosen in order to inspire and warn the beholder of the consequences of good and evil deeds. The Last Judgement is depicted in the tracery. All of the scenes are surrounded by Gothic-style architectural forms. The window, which was designed by Milde and made in a Lübeck workshop between 1865 and 1870, was only installed in 1877.
Dr. Ulrike Brinkmann, Kunsthistorikerin

Kulturstiftung Kölner Dom Das Generationenprojekt 11.000 Sterne für den Kölner Dom ZENTRAL-DOMBAU-VEREIN ZU KÖLN VON 1842 DOMKLOSTER 4