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Tomb monument with effigy, Count Gottfried of Arnsberg (d.1371)

Photo: © Dombauarchiv Köln, W. Kralisch

Count Gottfried of Arnsberg was the only layperson to be buried in the choir of the Gothic cathedral along with archbishops and saints in the Middle Ages. During his lifetime he transferred his entire estate to the archiepiscopal state of Cologne. The sandstone tomb chest is decorated with mourning figures, coats of arms, and helmets. The gisant of the count, which is protected by an arched iron grid, shows him in full armour. Legend has it that the grid was put in place to protect the recumbent effigy of the deceased from being vandalised by disappointed relations. However, it is more true to say that the style of the Arnsberg tomb monument is typical of such monuments made during this period.

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