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Tomb monument with effigy, Philipp of Heinsberg, c.1300

Photo: © Dombauhütte Köln, Matz und Schenk

The tomb monument to Archbishop Philipp I von Heinsberg (1167–91) was made some time around the year 1300. What is unusual about this monument is the design of the tomb chest, which is executed as a fortified castle with crenellations, towers, and gates. This architectural design is meant to represent the wall of the city of Cologne. The city walls, which were a prominent feature of the city until the nineteenth century, were extended during Philipp’s tenure. The extension work was initiated by the citizens of the city without the prior approval of the archbishop. This constituted an infringement of the archbishop’s rights as the ruler of the city. In 1180, the two parties agreed that the archbishop would continue construction of the city wall and that the cost of this work would be borne by the citizens.

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