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Bishop Severin

Photo: © Dombauarchiv Köln

Period of office 397

St. Severin's term of office coincided with an epoch of increasing pressure on the borders of the Roman state by the Franks, which caused growing political insecurity. Severin was probably born in Bordeaux. Soon after his death he was venerated as a saint. Many legends surround this early bishop of Cologne. In the Church of St. Severin the city's second most exquisite and important medieval shrine after the Shrine of the Three Holy Kings was venerated. It contained the relics of St. Severin. It was carried in solemn processions through the city in times of drought, incessant rain, plague and cholera. In 1798 the shrine had to be melted down to meet the financial demands of the French occupation. Only a few parts were saved.


Resting place: Cologne, Church of St. Severin, shrine (?)

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