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Bishop Kunibert

Period of office round 627- after 648

Bishop Kunibert, sometimes called Archbishop, was born to Moselle-Franconian nobility. He was raised at the court of the Franconian king Chlothar. Kunibert arranged for the "Lex Ribuaria", the Merovingian Laws, to be written down. He was the first "political" bishop of the diocese. Kunibert was advisor to King Dagobert I and Pippin the Elder. During his reign a large number of churches and cloisters were established. He strengthened the organization of the church and is considered the most important bishop between Severinus and Hildebald. Kunibert was venerated as a saint. One of Cologne's Romanesque churches, St. Kunibert, was consecrated in his name.


Resting place, Cologne, St. Kunibert, shrine

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