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Bishop Agilolf

Period of office 746/47-after 748

Little more than the name of Bishop Agilolphus has survived. Agilolphus was venerated in Cologne as a saint from 1062 on, after Bishop Anno had taken the bones of an abbot and martyr of the same name, who was revered as a saint in Malmedy Abbey, and transferred them to Cologne Cathedral of St. Mary of the Steps. After demolition of the church in the 19th century the shrine came to Cologne Cathedral. There is, however, no proof that these relics are the bones of Bishop Agilolphus of Cologne.

Kulturstiftung Kölner Dom Das Generationenprojekt 11.000 Sterne für den Kölner Dom ZENTRAL-DOMBAU-VEREIN ZU KÖLN VON 1842 DOMKLOSTER 4