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Archbishop Hildebold

Period of office 784/87-818

Soon after his investiture in Cologne, Archbishop Hildebald (Hildebold) became head of Charlemagne's court chapel and thus one of the closest associates of the ruler of the Franks. During his tenure his Cologne Diocese was elevated to an Archdiocese, which Charlemagne called in his will "the most elegant bride of Christ after Rome". By that time Cologne had already become an important metropolis in a grand parish, and could claim many churches and shrines. At that time the province Cologne included the suffragan bishoprics Liege, Utrecht, Münster, Osnabrück, Minden and intermittently also Bremen. In the past Hildebald was thought, probably incorrectly, to be the builder of the "Old Cathedral". It is certain that the important Cathedral library, of which 13 volumes have been preserved, originated with him. In the past he was sometimes venerated as a saint.


Resting place: Cologne, St Gereon

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