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Archbishop Brun(o) I. von Sachsen

Period of office 953-965

Archbishop Brun (Bruno I ) is the most notable representative of the type "bishop of the empire" in the Ottonian - Salic imperial church system. He was also one of the most exceptional Archbishops of Cologne and was responsible for the foundations St. Andreas, Greater St. Martin, St. Mary in the Capitol, and the Benedictine abbey of St. Pantaleon. He added one aisle to each side of the Cathedral and brought the crook and the chain of St. Peter to Cologne. Bruno was the youngest son of King Heinrich I, and the brother of Otto I. At Otto's court he was chancellor and arch-curiate. Together with the Bishop of Mainz, Bruno served as regent during Otto's Italian campaign and also did not stop short of military expeditions. Bruno was also Duke of Lothringia, becoming the first archbishop to combine spiritual and secular authority in his person. Until 1801 the Archbishops of Cologne continued to be secular rulers. Bruno was later venerated as a saint.


Resting place: Church of St Pantaleon, Cologne

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