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Archbishop Heribert

Period of office 999-1021

Archbishop Heribert belonged to the family of the Duke of Worms. He was a member of the royal court chapel and became chancellor for Italy in 994. In this position he became a friend and advisor to Otto III, who also appointed him German Chancellor. Heribert was the second most powerful man in the state. After Otto's death Heribert was deposed by Otto's successor. He then concentrated on leading his diocese in Cologne. Heribert founded Deutz Abbey. the Palatial Chapel next to Cologne Cathedral is also his work. Archbishop Heribert is venerated as a saint. His relics are in the Heribert shrine, which is kept in the Church of St. Heribert.


Resting place: Cologne-Deutz, Church of St. Heribert, shrine

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