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Archbishop Konrad von Hochstaden

Period of office 1238-1261

Konrad, the second son of Count Lothar V von Are-Hochstaden was one of the most noted politicians on the Archbishop's throne. He was the most dangerous opponent of the Hohenstaufen Friedrich II and the mightiest prince in the northwestern part of the empire. Konrad was a quarrelsome ruler. In 1242 he was held prisoner by Wilhelm von Jülich at Nideggen Castle for nine months because of a feud. In 1257 he participated with the people of Cologne in the Battle of Frechen. Under his rule Albertus Magnus came to Cologne, where the young Thomas Aquinas was his student. On August 15th, 1248, Konrad laid the cornerstone for the Gothic Cathedral and on March 3rd 1225 the cornerstone for the Cistercian Abbey Church in Altenberg.


Resting place: Cologne Cathedral, Johannes Chapel, high grave

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