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Archbishop Dietrich II. von Moers

Period of office 1414-1463

Archbishop Dietrich von Moers reigned 49 years and was the longest serving Archbishop of Cologne up to that time. Before his election there was a two year war over the Archbishop’s seat, which was finally settled by King Siegmund, since the Chapter could not agree on a candidate. Dietrich was involved in all the conflicts of northwestern Europe. As a follower of the Anti-Pope Felix V. he was deposed by Pope Eugen IV, but with King Siegmund's help he was able to prevail and was reinstated by the next Pope, Pius II. In the "Feud of Soest" Soest was lost and the Cologne Electorate lost considerable influence. When Dietrich died the diocese was completely ruined financially, and the Cathedral Chapter had to borrow money to pay for his funeral.


Resting place: Cologne Cathedral, ambulatory being the high altar

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