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Archbishop Joseph Clemens von Bayern

Period of office 1688-1723

Archbishop Josef Clemens was the son of the Elector Ferdinand Maria of Bavaria. It was disagreement concerning his election as Archbishop that caused the Palatine War, encouraged by France. In the Spanish War of Succession Josef Clemens was on the side of France, and so he had to live in French exile from 1702-1715. In exile he was finally ordained bishop. Although he took his duties as priest seriously from this time on, he did not give up his old life style. He provoked many by bringing the mother of his children along to the Bonn Court, though he claimed to no longer have intimate relations with her. Josef Clemens began building the Poppelsdorf Palace and began renovation of the Residence in Bonn.


Resting place: Cologne Cathedral, in front of the Chapel of the Three Holy Kings

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