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Archbishop Clemens August I. von Bayern

Period of office 1723-1761

Archbishop Clemens August was son of the Elector Max Emanuel of Bavaria. As the most illustrious Baroque prince on the archbishop's throne he built the castles Augustusburg and Falkenlust in Brühl and Clemensruhe in Poppelsdorf. He employed the greatest architects of his time, such as Cuvilliés and Balthasar Neumann. His need for self-representation was also expressed in a gigantic court as well as splendid festivals and hunting parties. His importance as patron of the arts and builder stand in contrast to his achievements in politics and the church. He was Bishop of Regensburg, Münster, Paderborn, Hildesheim and Osnabrück. In 1732 he was chosen High Master of the Teutonic Order without ever making good use of this power. He was even less inclined than his predecessors to follow the priestly calling. His lifestyle was that of a worldly prince. He had one daughter in a long lasting relationship with a woman of the bourgeoisie, and Clemens supported her marriage into noble circles.


Resting place: Cologne Cathedral, in front of the Chapel of the Three Holy Kings.

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