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Archbishop Maximilian Franz von Österreich

Period of office 1784-1801

Maximilian Franz of Austria was the youngest child of Empress Maria Theresia. He was the last Archbishop of Cologne who was also a secular ruler. A typical representative of enlightened absolutism, he fled to Vienna in 1874 as the troops of the French Revolution were advancing. He was one of the most capable and conscientious Princes of the Church to rule the old Archdiocese before it was dissolved by the French. In 1801 parts of the Archdiocese on the left bank of the Rhine fell to the Aachen Diocese, newly created by Napoleon I, whereas the parts on the right bank continued under a provisional administration. The Archdiocese was reestablished in 1821 following an agreement between the Pope and the King of Prussia in the papal bull "De salute animarum".


Resting place: Vienna, Cappuchin Crypt

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