Service hours

You are cordially invited to attend any of our Masses, devotions, choir performances, and organ recitals. The cathedral is also open for silent prayer and personal devotion. During daytime Masses and special evening events, the cathedral is closed to tourists! Please note: during important events, it may be necessary to close off certain parts of the cathedral at short notice. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.

Regular service hours

monday - saturday:  06:30 hours; 07.15 Uhr ; 08.00 hours; 09 Uhr ; 18:30 hours; Mittagsgebet 12.00
hours sunday:  07:00 Uhr ; 08:00 hours, 09:00 Uhr; 10:00 hours ; 12:00 hours ; 17:00 hours ; 19:00 hours ; Chorvesper 18

Confession hours

You have the opportunity to go to confession (in German language) on working days. You find the confessionals at the chapels in the ambulatory.
monday - friday

7:45 hours  -  9:00 hours
14:00 hours - 18:00 hours.

    Cathedral partially closed
    Only accessible to those attending Mass
    Inside temperature:
    Outside temperature: :
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