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Monument to the Geyr family, 1760

Photo: © Dombauarchiv Köln, W. Kralisch

The monument, which appears to be wrapped around one of the piers in the Lady Chapel, features three large plaques, each of which is framed by ornate carved Baroque black marble. The inscriptions on the plaques remember numerous members of the von Geyr, von Bequerer, von Plettenberg, von Kurtzrock, and von Buschmann families. The monument is topped by a corbel decorated with the coats of arms of von Geyr and von Bequerer, on top of which is an alabaster putto carrying a lowered torch. This putto is not in fact an original and was added to the monument in 1991. The white marble relief of a skull with snake, hour-glass, and scythe in the base of the monument serves as a reminder of the transience of human life.

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