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Heribert Neuss, reclining figure of St Engelbert, 1665

Photo: © Rheinisches Bildarchiv Köln

The reclining figure of St Engelbert is made of brown-veined marble. Half erect and supporting his head with his right hand, he looks contemplatively into the distance. Dressed like a bishop, he wears a cope (pluviale) over a finely pleated robe, as well as gloves and a mitre. A putto standing at his feet appears to draw the cope over the archbishop’s arm with his right hand and to touch the archbishop’s hand with his left. A second putto is missing from the sculpture. This Early Baroque figure and the matching statues of Mary and St Peter were commissioned for the high altar in 1665 by Canon Heinrich Mering and created by the Cologne sculptor Heribert Neuss. As a tomb figure, it originally stood behind the altar near the precious shrine of St Engelbert.

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