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von Einenberg knight, late fifteenth century

Photo: © Dombauarchiv Köln, W. Kralisch

High on the northern wall of the Chapel of the Cross facing the Gero crucifix is a painted wooden sculpture dating from the late fifteenth century. The figure is that of a knight in gold and silver armour, wearing a knee-length tunic, his hair covered by a hood. The knight is shown kneeling in prayer on a cushion, his chin raised, his eyes wide open, gazing at the crucifix above. Both the identity of the knight and his relationship with the Gero crucifix and/or the Altar of the Cross remains a mystery. Records dating from the seventeenth century indicate that the coat of arms of the von Einenberg family once hung at this spot. It is likely, therefore, that this unknown knight was a von Einenberg.

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