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Choir Stalls from Southwest

Foto: © Dombauhütte Köln, Matz und Schenk

With no less than 104 seats, the medieval choir stalls in the inner choir of Cologne Cathedral are some of the largest of their kind still in existence. Dendrochronological examinations of the base of the choir stalls have determined that they date from sometime between 1308 and 1311. Approximately 29 medium-sized oak logs were used in their construction. The carpenters and sculptors who worked on the choir stalls came from a variety of workshops in Cologne (similar to the choir pier statues), Lorraine, and Paris. The choir stalls were not only used by the 24 members of the cathedral chapter and their 27 representatives, but also by spiritual and secular visitors to the cathedral chapter. Special seats were reserved for the Pope and the German Emperor.

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